About Fonrich Technology

Fonrich is a typical Hi-tech corporate founded in 2011 by a team of experienced experts in the field of solar photovoltaic industry, which is one of the leading solar photovoltaic manufacturers in the world and the largest and most advanced combiner box monitoring system and arc fault detector supplier in mainland China. Combining a unique systems-level scheme with expertise in solar power electronics, arc fault detection and combiner box monitoring system, Fonrich team developed the first-generation Direct Current Combiner Box Monitoring System and Intelligent Arc Fault Detection technology for the solar photovoltaic industry. The domestic Combiner Box Monitor and Arc Fault Detector market share of the company has ranked at first place. The company has already applied for more than one hundred patent applications wherein more than thirty of which have been granted.

Covering a broad of solar market from centralized solar solutions to distributed solutions, the main products of Fonrich consist of combiner box monitor, arc fault detector, active power filter, intelligent optimization inverters, PV module power optimizers, energy storage devices, and cloud-based services platform.